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Jeremy Griffin has been blowing glass since 1999. He is the head of the Pocketbub Factory and the inventor of the Sherbbler and microbridging technology.




Emma Muehle has been blowing glass for the Pocketbub Factory since 2012 and is the general manager of pocketbub.com.

The Pocketbub Factory all started with a couple of glassblowers, who fell in love with no-spill bubblers and devoted themselves to making the most durable, attractive and convenient glass bubblers on the market.

Jeremy first encountered a no spill bubbler in Eugene, OR in 1997. The piece was a handheld chillum bubbler, aptly named a chubbler. Years later, demand for no spill bubblers started to increase, and quality began to diminish. Stores and customers complained about how easy it was to break.

We went to some of the manufacturers and suggested that they start reinforcing their bubblers by making a micro-bridge between each of the separate pieces. All of them told us that this was simply not possible, and that the fragility of the piece was just something we had to accept.

Did we accept that? NO!! We worked day in and day out testing reinforcement techniques until we finally found a method that worked. And so, the Pocketbub™ no-spill spoon bubbler with Microbridging Technology™ was born!


Each no spill bubbler from the Pocketbub Factory is microbridged to make them the most durable no spill bubblers on the market.

Shortly after devoting ourselves to making our new Pocketbubs, a great friend and fine functional glass connoisseur, Non-Stop of Portland, OR, asked us, “Why not make a sherlock version of the Pocketbub?”


The Sherbbler™ is a no spill sherlock bubbler that was invented here at the Pocketbub Factory!

We went back to our secret lab and made the very first ever Sherbbler™ no-spill sherlock bubbler. As a thank you to Non-Stop, we gave him our prototype and it is still one of his favorite pieces to this day. Since then, Sherbblers have acquired a devoted fan base and continue to grow in popularity due to their convenience and high class percolating action.

So after years of successfully selling our Pocketbubs and Sherbblers on the west coast, we wanted to make our high quality hand made bubblers available to the rest of the nation! We collaborate with local glassblowers to create truly unique designs and styles so that everyone can have a no-spill bubbler that really fits their needs and speaks to them.

Thank you so much to our fans, we love you guys! Your love for us is what allows us to do what we love, and your support for the Pocketbub Factory is support for hardworking American artisans. Happy Smoking!

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